Who said picnics can't be glamourous?!

From a romantic date night on the beach, to gathering with friends at a park,
We curate luxury picnic experiences designed for any occasion.

Bask in the wonder of nature as you celebrate special moments through one of our three packages.
Our picnic experiences can be customized to include activities such as yoga and painting.

This is not your typical picnic darling... it's Picnics Re-Imagined.

Just lux

No Fuzz But Still All The LUX

Ideal for a quick pick-me up in nature for 2-4 people or the
“Solo Picnicker”.
Starting from $200*
Picnic Basket
Flower Bed Decor
blanket & Velvet Seating pillows
75 minute experience
Blanket & Velvet Seating Pillows
Plates, Silverware, Drinking Glasses & Napkins
Chilled Water
Charcuterie & Fruit Platter
Add-On: Sweet & Savory Platter - $40
Add-On: Sandwich Bites - $40
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A Luxurious Twist On The Traditional Picnic

Perfect for casual gatherings and dates
Starting From $275*
Picnic Basket
Custom made picnic table
Flower & Table Decor
90 Minute experience
Blanket & Velvet seating pillows
Plates/Silverware/Drinking Glasses/Napkins/Candles
Charcuterie & Fruit Platter
Chilled Water
Add-on Sweet & Savory Platter - $40
Add-on Sandwich Bites- $40
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ultra lux

The Ultimate Luxurious Picnic Experience

Perfect for Valentine's Day, Surprise Proposals, Private Anniversaries & Birthday Dinners.
Starting From $600-1000*
Custom Picnic Table
Custom Tent
Personal Concierge
2 Hour Experience
Plush White Fur Rug & Velvet Seating Pillows in Tent Setting
Plates/Silverware/Wine Glasses/Napkins
Table Décor with Personalized Items & Candles
3-Course Meal
Beverage Tub with Ice/Water/ Wine or Champagne
Take Home Fresh Flower Bouquet
30 Minute Photography Session
Bluetooth Speaker
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book your luxury picnic experience
* Starting price quoted for a 2 person picnic| *Preferred picnic dates and times can only be solidified once we confirm your experience.*
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